The work of the Treasurer may not be immediately evident to most county residents but rest assured Treasurer MacGregor’s leadership is keeping tax and foreclosure rates low for Kent County taxpayers.

As Kent County Treasurer, Peter MacGregor is responsible for managing the County’s investments and the collection of delinquent property taxes. During his tenure, Kent County has continued to maintain a AAA-bond rating, the highest bond rating available. This bond rating helps keep county borrowing rates and taxes low for our county residents.

Additionally, since MacGregor’s election, his focus has been on keeping people in their homes. Prior to his time as Treasurer, the 10-year average of annual foreclosures was in the hundreds. In the last three years, the average number of foreclosures is 23 per year. Just last year, 2023 saw the lowest number of foreclosures in 15 years, at only 13 foreclosures. Foreclosures are low under MacGregor’s tenure because keeping YOU in your home remains his top priority.

Peter will continue the leadership he’s shown. Every dollar the county saves is a dollar that can remain in the pocket of Kent County taxpayers. That’s why strong county finances equate to high bond ratings and low foreclosure rates.

Leadership Matters. Re-elect Peter MacGregor for Kent County Treasurer.